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The Sister

“With a narrative style that resembles the XIXth century, Paola Kaufmann reconstructs the life of the famous and controverted American writer Emily Dickinson, through the eyes and voice of Lavinia, her sister, Vinnie, the loving nickname she is called; she is charming and her personality is rich in shades: naughty, mischievous, mocking as well as lucid and above all sincere; in a nutshell, as imperfect as human nature itself.
It is her who tells the story and does it so veraciously that steals her creator, her dependence as a character, to become in her own right her own author, and of this fictional testimony that is the novel THE SISTER, where data is undoubtedly overcome by imagination, but in a cautiously, delicate and essential way.”


The Lake

Based on a scientific expedition that leaves to the Argentinean south in 1922, many generations of naturalists believe in the existence of a prehistoric animal that lives in the waters of a lake in the Patagonia. The first expedition is carried out by Engineer Frey and Victor Mullin, who in spite of failing in their enterprise, keep trying to find the monster to demonstrate the world it exists. Ana Mullin, Viktor ´s daughter is also a naturalist and ends up pursuing the chimera of his father whom she has great differences and a disturbing relationship.”


The Leap

Powerfully and subtly, this book gets together the stories of Bruno, the man who, about to jump from the top of a cliff, looks into the abyss that remains a secret to him; Yajumo, the boy that knows about the kanahibari, a punishment that lasts as long as the guilty takes to ask for forgiveness; the adventures of Oscar Wilde in an unusual visit to the mining town of Leadville, in The United States; Cristina, an acid and determined secretary, and her counterpoint with a spider; the appalling encounter of a sex addict and a trepanator; the passage to the abysm of the Cosmo girl who has a mini fridge as her bedside table; the disparate gesture of an operator who only puts calls to Antartida through the last day of the year; the mysterious encounter of a yoga master with a dying man.

The Devil´s golf court

Paola Kaufmann´s stories capture with an unusual power human juggling in sceneries of desolation. Her full command of language enables her to change registers easily. Kaufmann´s characters fall in love, but keeping in mind that love is always imperfect, and always elusive. They accept the shadows of horror as a disturbing guest in their lives, and the challenge of desire as a trigger that nobody dares to pull with their own fingers.
When the world insists on repetition, the stories of THE DEVIL´S GOLF COURT surprise us with that keen eye that leads us, not actually to hope, but to the eternal grace of bewilderment and smile.”